FLC Group is one of the leading forwarding companies in the Baltic States and actively developing in the CIS countries, Europe and South-East Asia. FLC provides logistics services for the transportation of cargo by rail, sea, road and air

The Company is an operator of regular container block trains Eurasia-1, Eurasia-2 and Riga Express providing complex transportation solutions to manufacturing and mining companies.

Our activity is basically focused on cargo transportation by rail and sea in Eurasia making use of geographically advantageous corridors through the ports of the Baltic States as a transit point between West and East. While successfully working for eight years, our customer and partner base has increased considerably for which we are very proud.

Our main mission is to develop and realize innovative and effective logistic solutions, guaranteeing to customers cargo delivery by the most optimal, secure and qualitative way. 

FLC operates a considerable park of own platforms and containers for transportation by rail and sea as well as provides containers for loading in main ports and industrial areas of Europe, India and China.

FLC offers a full spectrum of logistics services at the main ports of the Baltic States and Europe, and at the border crossing point Malasheviche/Brest.

In cooperation with partners FLC actively works on development of complex service for cargoes delivered by sea from the ports of South-East Asia, USA, and Europe with further delivery by container block trains. The main advantages of this service - no handling in transit ports, fast and fixed delivery time, priority status allowing to cross borders with no queues. 

FLC also offers regular container vessel routes Rotterdam-Riga-Ust-Luga-St.Petersburg-Коtka-Rotterdam.

Offices of the Company are located in Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Poland and Germany.