FLC Latvia is always looking for new opportunities of self development: be it transport agent broadening, optimization of logistic solutions, strengthening relationships with our partners, and creation of ties with the new ones. In connection to these matters, we always try to visit various expositions and also forums in the logistics and industrial fields, which take place in European and Asian regions. Visiting of certain major expositions turned into a good habbit for us, a strategic tradition that we follow for already 6 years in a row.

So without betraying our ongoing principles this year we are planning to visit the following events, which became traditional for us:

- TransRussia 2017, Russia (Moscow), from 18 to 20 of april;

- Transport Logistic 2017, Germany (Munchen), from 9 to 12 of may;

- TransKazakhstan 2017, Kazakhstan (Astana), from 1 to 3 of november;

- TransUzbekistan 2017, Uzbekistan (Tashkent), from 15 to 17 of november;

We are going to be happy to meet you there!