As is well known, taking into account the fact that the Latvian transport market mainly specializes in transit, transportation volumes of Latvia are decreasing. Change of economic situation in transport industry, calls for revision of the routes and strategies of logistics companies. One solution is to diversify services and to provide a complete integrated solution for partners in all segments of cargoes transportation.

The main goal of the FLC group is the solution of all transport issues of our clients and partners, while continuously reducing the customers' cost of logistics. Analyzing the situation and following the market trends, FLC has already established an international network providing the most effective delivery of goods, complying with all national and international requirements. The group, implementing the geographic diversification strategy, has operating offices in Russia (First Logistics Company), Germany (SRR DEUTSCHLAND GMBH), Kazakhstan (FLC Kazakhstan), Poland (FLC Poland), India (FLC Logistics India) and the United Arab Emirates (FLC Logistics Dubai). The network allows to increase competitiveness by optimizing bureaucratic procedures and to develop cargo flows in Eurasia.

International locations include local resources and operate with positive results. FLC group of companies actively works and is ready for new projects in the field of transportation. The goal of the group is to comply fully with the requirements of each customer, ensuring work efficiency and quality, adaptation of companies to external factors and regular implementation of improvements in the delivery chain.

Marketing and Public Relations Department, 14.07.2016.